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  • Increasing Your Memory with Essential Oils
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    Increasing Your Memory with Essential Oils
    Our memory is one of the most important functions that should be maintained and carefully exercised. Your memory can fade or it can be inhibited from stress, environment, or sickness. Memories can be triggered from certain events as well. Memory also should be exercised to help you increase your ability to retrieve information from long term memory. While short term memory only lasts a few seconds, it can still be exercised to increase its abilities. Essential oils in aromatherapy can help you exercise your mind which will eventually increase your memory. Using essential oils in your home or office will help you concentrate on your work for the day, revitalize short term memory, and even help your long term memory retrieve information. Better memory will help you better understand customer needs and even help you listen and deal with your children more effectively. If you have a poor memory, essential oils in aromatherapy can help improve your memory from only a few days of burning the scent. The fragrances will…
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
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    Cinnamon Essential Oil
    Cinnamon essential oil is steam distilled from the bark and leaves of the cinnamomum zeylanicum plant. The oil obtained is of different potency depending on which part of the plant is used. The plant has its origin in Vietnam, but it is grown in a number of tropical areas like India, China, Madagascar, Brazil, and the Caribbean. The oil is of golden yellow to brown color, with a slightly oily feeling. With a much richer aroma than ground cinnamon, its aromatic description is listed as warm, peppery, earthy, spicy, and slightly woody. With a strong initial aroma, it is used as a middle note in perfumery. Cinnamon essential oil extracted from the bark of the plant is not used in aromatherapy because of its potency. In such a state, it is an irritant and a sensitizer. It is however used in expensive perfumes. This oil has antiseptic powers and is a circulatory stimulant. The oil extracted from the leaf is usually the most used, and it is perfect for scenting…
  • Top 5 Popular Aromatherapy Scents
    Top 5 Popular Aromatherapy Scents
    It seems that there is an appropriate aromatherapy scent for your every need. No matter if what you need is to alter your mood, achieve a sense of well-being or relieve minor health conditions, there is a corresponding scent to do the job well. The following are 5 of the most popular scents. Chamomile The flowers of the chamomile plant look like tiny daisies but smell like apples instead. Grown for many years now because of its various healing properties, chamomile is best known for its calming effects, thus helping one to achieve a very restful sleep. It is also effective for relieving the symptoms of PMS, menopause and hyperactivity among kids. The oil from chamomile flowers can help ease muscle aches and tensions, headaches and joint pains. Drinking tea made from the petals helps stimulate appetite and calm upset stomach. Unlike other essential oils, chamomile is mild enough to help ease your baby’s colic, thus helping him or her achieve sleep. Eucalyptus With about 300 varieties, eucalyptus has long…
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