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  • Increasing Your Memory with Essential Oils
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    Increasing Your Memory with Essential Oils
    Our memory is one of the most important functions that should be maintained and carefully exercised. Your memory can fade or it can be inhibited from stress, environment, or sickness. Memories can be triggered from certain events as well. Memory also should be exercised to help you increase your ability to retrieve information from long term memory. While short term memory only lasts a few seconds, it can still be exercised to increase its abilities. Essential oils in aromatherapy can help you exercise your mind which will eventually increase your memory. Using essential oils in your home or office will help you concentrate on your work for the day, revitalize short term memory, and even help your long term memory retrieve information. Better memory will help you better understand customer needs and even help you listen and deal with your children more effectively. If you have a poor memory, essential oils in aromatherapy can help improve your memory from only a few days of burning the scent. The fragrances will…
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