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  • Essential Oils
    How Essential Oils are Made
    Essential oils are actually extracts from certain plants, trees, and fruits using a technique called distillation. Since plants contain such a small amount of extract, several pounds of plants are needed to provide a small bottle to consumers. The essential oils are then refined and distilled and packaged in containers that help maintain the scent and fragrance for a good amount of time. The following is a list of treatments and extract procedures that produce the essential oils for our use in aromatherapy or creams. Steam Distillation Steam distillation is the most popular and the oldest distillation process available. Old time, traditional aromatherapy professionals believe this method is the best way to produce the most quality extracts. This system takes dried or fresh plants and places them into a steam chamber. The steam is put under pressure and then circulated in and out of the plant material. The heat from the pressurized steam causes the plantís cellular structure to open and the essential oils pour into a holding container. This…
  • Essential Oils: Seven Things You Should Know
    Essential Oils
    Essential Oils: Seven Things You Should Know
    Essential oils are extracted from living plants and trees. When essential oils are used appropriately, most can be used at home safely, enjoyably, and with beneficial effects. Keep the following seven things in mind if you want to try aromatherapy at home. Most essential oils should never be applied directly without diluting them. Only lavender and tea tree oil are exceptions to this rule. Essential oils are flammable, so use extreme caution around flames and heat sources. If you use a burner to diffuse the oil, put water in the burner first. The essential oil will enter the air as the water evaporates. Essential oils are for external use only. On very rare occasions, a qualified aromatherapist may prescribe essential oils by mouth. Some essential oils can be very toxic if swallowed. Even essential oils that have a therapeutic effect when diluted in certain oral treatments like mouthwash should not be swallowed. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children. If you want to use essential oils during…
  • How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils
    Essential Oils
    How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils
    How can I determine the quality of the essential oil I am purchasing? A quick search on Google for essential oils suppliers will show that costs for essential oils varies and they vary a lot! How can you decide which oil to purchase? Here are a few factors to help you determine the level of quality of the oil you intend to purchase. Essential oils are derived from plants. They go through a process which could impact the quality of the oil being used. The plants can be grown on a farm or "wild crafting" conditions and factors such as soil condition and rainfall affect can impact the oil quality. Essential oil descriptions should also contain the country of origin since the quality of the oil can vary from country to country. The use of pesticides or other chemicals can also impact the essential oil obtained. It is important to note that pesticides may also adulterate the essential oil if it is not eliminated in the manufacturing process. Adulteration becomes…
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